Inscriptions & Artwork

Personalised Lettering, Inscriptions & Artwork 

Truly Personalised Memorials

  • Lettering Changes To Existing Headstones
  • Lettering Repaints
  • Match Existing Headstone Inscriptions

Once you have chosen your headstone style & booked a design meeting with us, we can help you to choose a style of lettering to suit your memorial.

Inscriptions & Artwork are what truly personalise your memorial or headstone. Messages of love, remembrance & dedication turn an individually crafted headstone into a personal memorial for those you love.

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Additional Lettering To Existing Headstones

It is our preference to bring the existing headstone in to have the additional lettering added, however there are sometimes cultural reasons, religious reasons or due to the original method of installation the headstone is unable to physically come in, if any of these should be the case we can complete the additional lettering on site.

Lettering Repaints

As part of our additional lettering service we repaint the original wording while we paint the new inscription making the whole stone look as if it had just been made, if the lettering is not painted but colored with 23 1/3 carat gold leaf we will advise if any or all of the original wording requires re-gilding. We also spray all existing concrete and plaster bases with a slow release neutral non-bleach based cleaners.

Match Existing Headstone Inscriptions

Our experience & craftsmanship allows us to match the font, style & inscription of another headstone, possible of a relative or a partner.We are able to offer almost perfectly matched lettering with any additions to existing headstones. Whether we are working with a 30 year old hand cut inscription that needs to be matched or a 1 year old computer cut inscription we ensure it is almost impossible to separate the new inscription from the old one in most cases.






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