Benchtop Collection


Nothing can match the beauty and durability of natural granite or marble

Both stones have stood the test of time for domestic and commercial use, for safety, strength, quality and beauty.

Kitchen or laundry tops, vanities, fire surrounds and outside table tops made of granite or marble will not depreciate with time and will continuously add value to any property where they are installed. Unlike synthetics/engineered stone, natural stone presents a surface depth that seems almost three-dimensional. It has a luminance that's absent from other surfaces. Regardless of its finish, these natural stones create an immediate impression of elegance and is considered a definite plus on any real estate agent's checklist.

Natural granite or marble should be your first choice when deciding on a material for your bench and counter tops. They will provide your home with elegance and sophistication and provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Natural stone has been the choice of architects and designers throughout the ages for strength, performance and natural beauty.

With attention to detail and aesthetics Decra Art Ltd. craft exquisite and unique slabs of stone to create timeless surfaces for interior and exterior spaces. Amalgamating the very latest technology, machinery and skilled tradesmen ensures the delivery of high quality finished products that convey everlasting luxury and style.

Each piece of natural granite or marble is unique, filled with character and will bring your kitchen alive.

Decra Art Ltd. is perfectly at home in any domestic environment. We have one of the most experienced teams in Christchurch and we also have an install bench tops all over the South Island, we'll be here for you when the others are long gone.

Our service includes site measurement, your choice of natural granite or marble in over 30 various and unique colours, professional manufacture, friendly and personal on-site installation and a finished product that we will guarantee for years to come.

Where the others may cut corners, we provide a satisfaction guarantee. Please visit us at our purpose built kitchen showroom and see for yourself our purpose built indoor slab gallery with over 600 granite and marble slabs for you to select from.

Technical Details

Edge Profiles Available:
  • Square
  • Pencil
  • Rolled 
  • Bullnose
  • Half Bullnose
Laminated to 60mm for all of the above
Mitred to various thickness's in Square edge and pencil Edge

Joins and Various Finishes available:
Because Granite and Marble are not man-made some Benchtops will require joins, we don't use more joins than we need and place them in the least obvious positions possible. Joins are kept as small as practical generally around 2mm and we level all the granite to make the transition from one piece to the other as smooth as possible. The joins are filled with specified granite epoxy glue and normally coloured to suit the granite or marble being used.

Two finishes are available, The most popular is the fully polished surface, which is achieved by using various grades of diamonds and water to achieve a mirror finish both Granite and marble are in their most sealed natural state when fully polished

Honed finish as exactly as above but only 3/4 polished give a flat soft matt surface, thus meaning the Granite or Marble is in a less sealed state than it would be if fully polished

Sink mounting options: 
Top-mount - Most economical option whereby the bowl is fitted on top of the granite, resulting in a raised lip around the surface
Flush-mount - The flange of the bowl is recessed down into the stone until it is flush with the surface
Under-mount - The bowl hole is cut out and fully polished around the edge the bowl is then mounted underneath the granite leaving the top surface of the stone clear and uninterrupted by a stainless flange
Recess Under-mount - The exact same process as under-mount and finished by rebating out the underside of the cut-out resulting in the bowl being lifted toward the surface by approximately 15 mm.
Semi-Recessed  cut-outs - Most commonly used with vanity basins where the bowl is exposed past the front of the granite or when a butler sink is being used in the kitchen







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